An app builds customer loyalty and allows you to maintain a relationship with your customers that is not possible via a website or social media. An app will enable your business to grow, cuts your costs and enhances your image. We build apps for businesses such as religious and community organisations, schools, unions, estate agents, solicitors, accountants, nightclubs, salons, clinics, veterinary practices, restaurants, take aways, sports clubs, gyms, spas, florists, car dealerships, and many others. Our team works closely with all our customers and takes great care in building a tailor made application. Please find more information about the features and benefits below.
Present Your Business
Isn't it time you stood out in the marketplace?
Showcase your products and services with a detailed description, and gain advantage over your competitors.
Online Sales
Are you looking for a way to make more online sales?
Allow your clients to shop online directly from their mobile device, in order to choose the best products or services quickly and easily.
Are you reaching your customers quickly?
Send your customers a push notification, SMS message or an email about offers, new products, special discounts and news that instantly reaches them all.
Share News and Calendar
Are your customers aware of current events?
Share news and schedule events directly on your App automatically, and keep your customers consistently informed from your web based control panel.
Loyalty Program and VIP List
Are you gaining loyalty and repeat sales easily?
Share special events and promotions with your VIP list and make them feel special! Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits or purchases at your small business.
Contact Information and Geolocation
Let new customers find your business easily and provide contact information through your mobile app, such as phone, website, email, and directions to your business.
Speed up Your Social Media
Are you in frequent contact with all your customers on social media?
Connect your App to your Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, MyEmma and Twitter accounts to allow your clients to easily access your social media profiles.
3rd Party Integration
Are you working smarter?
Set up, use and manage any third party application for payments, communication, booking, email marketing, music and videos.
Promotional Tools
Creating an App is the first step. You then need to tell the world about it. We give you the tools to make it easy, just copy, paste, and go. A full suite of promotional tools: quick URL, dedicated download page, direct to app store download, facebook integration, website widget, QR download code...
Manage from Anywhere
Sync your App using web based control panel easily, from any computer in the world. All of your App types (iPhone, iPad, Android) are controlled by one control panel. You don't need to know any programming; all you need to remember is your password.
Tailor Made Mobile App Development
Our experienced team of developers work with you to design, create and support bespoke mobile and tablet Apps to help you achieve your business goals.

Flexible, add-on modular format gives you the flexibility to choose an App that reflects your business needs. Adding new modules only takes a few days. The ability to expand keeps your business options open and extends the life of your investment.

So if you have any Mobile Apps requirements, please contact us for a complimentary, obligation free discussion.

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